About Us

Our approach is very much one of ‘partnerships’. We offer solutions and services to support both end-users and the IT Integrator marketplace by way of our ‘partner contract services’. In both aspects, we work with you to achieve the result.

We partner with some of the leading providers of technology in their field and adopt a ‘best of breed’ policy at all times. Our additional professional services are designed to complement your own capabilities. When you work with Connect-IP, it’s not the size of the organisation you’re dealing with – it’s the quality of the people.

Our Values

Our Partners

We are always looking for the best possible technologies to deliver innovative solutions for our customers. We also recognise that to deliver these technologies effectively requires strong partnerships with the market-leading vendors and managed service providers.

We take a pragmatic approach in selecting our partners: they don’t just need to have market-leading technology, they also need to be able to deliver on their promises. We then work closely with these partners to ensure that we understand their solutions as well as they do, so we can provide our customers with the level of services and support that they expect.

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