Who We Work With

We specialise in large-scale IT infrastructure projects for clients in the retail, commercial, healthcare and property sectors.


The retail brands who have shown a willingness to enrich their environments using an ‘experiential’ approach have managed to stay relevant in the digital age. By taking their bricks-and-mortar stores beyond being merely a point of transaction, they have successfully separated themselves from the competition.

Our work in retail can help to transform a store by delivering underlying network infrastructure and smart technologies that are the base for blurring the line between physical and digital.


Technology and IoT is rapidly evolving as use cases become more prolific and businesses start to see the value of using connected devices, but for many building and facilities managers, that’s precisely what’s holding them back. It can be tough to know where to start with smart building technology, especially when there are IoT applications for nearly every building system.

Using our own team, and our network of innovative partners, we work with you to take a step back from the technology and look at the practical applications that can benefit your organisation, your employees and your clients.


Digital projects are currently driving NHS digital maturity towards global healthcare standards. But for digital to deliver, the underlying network infrastructure must be fit for purpose. Supporting digital innovation at this pace and scale means health and care organisations need a health IT network that is more robust, easier to manage and future-proofed.

What’s the point of best-in-class clinical applications if the underlying infrastructure impedes their performance? Our network infrastructure solutions help you to build a solid foundation to deliver capabilities for today’s digital hospital.


Designing, building and operating workspaces and real estate requires a focus on delivering on your tenant’s expectations. Reliable wi-fi networks, modern communication solutions and, of course, a safe and secure physical environment are all key factors.

We work with property and real estate organisations to maximise their infrastructure investments, ensuring their spaces drive their tenant’s business forward and protect their critical systems.

A Selection of Our Customers

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